Illustration of the walk 5

Walk 5: Villers by streets and roads

“Walk with the aim to promote the heritage of the surrounding area and the center of Villers-la-Ville. She spends a shopping district sports complex, church schools and the town hall. We will discover also ponds, rivers and small woods. “

Illustration of the walk 4

Walk 4: The walk from Saint Bernard

“Rustic and wooded walk that takes us to the source of Ri Saint-Bernard, at a place called ‘Aux 4 oaks’, then along the wall of the farm of the Abbey. We have seen three chapels and a superb views of the Abbey. “

Illustration of the walk 3

Walk 3: The woodsman

“Woodland to meet several small streams Promenade, a former water mill and several chapels. Trajet very hilly. Few nice views.”