Illustration of the brotherhood

The brotherhood of monks Hostieux of Villers-la-Ville

The Brotherhood was officially born December 7, 1995 after being recognized by the Council of Noble Brabant and Brussels (consisting of 14 fraternities of the same area), and it unanimously.
Develop and build high gastronomic specialty ancestral “Abbey beer” or other Villersoises specialties.
Preserve, maintain or possibly revive the “habits and customs” and Villersoises traditions to safeguard our local cultural heritage, folklore and cuisine.
Contribute in all actions towards aid to deserving works of social, philanthropic or cultural character.

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Geolocation contact:

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Contact Address:
Luc Haulotte
Drève du Tumulus, 83
1495 Villers-la-Ville
Tél: 003271877285


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