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The Brotherhood of Vineyard Abbey Villers

Since 1990, the Brotherhood of Vineyard Abbey Villers (with 160 members) rehabilitates small vine garden of the abbot who had been left fallow, except for the period following the sacking of the abbey after that it was sold as national property in 1796, at least the last fifty years. The entire session has twenty acres spread over 5 levels.
• The A. S.B.L. The purpose is to:
revive the old vineyards of the Abbey;

• create the alliance and the joy of achievement by members of team work and various activities related to the vine and wine.

• integrate into possible all cultural and tourist events developed on the site and round the Abbey of Villers, and its initiatives, participate in the promotion of the site of the Abbey of Villers .

Geolocation contact:

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Contact Address:
Villers la Vigne
Rue de l’Abbaye, 55
1495 Villers-la-Ville
Mail: Chair:


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