Concert Saint-Hubert à Villers-la-Ville

CELTIC CONCERT harp and hunting horns with Royal COMPANY “The Disciples of St. Hubert” in Namur
In preparation for the feast of St. Hubert in October, the Centre of Villers-la-Ville prepares early October a grand concert harp and hunting horns, the Friday before the feast of Saint-Hubert .
On this occasion, the Royal Society “The Disciples of Saint-Hubert” Namur happen in the church of Villers-la-Ville, accompanied by Mrs. FELTEN harpist.
Over 100 years of experience, organizers of the International Championship of hunting horns in 2007, the Disciples of Saint-Hubert de Namur occur during celebrations of Saint-Hubert, weddings, returned to hunt, concerts for several years and provide outlets for family
Royale. Spend this enjoyable evening in their presence, in a Celtic atmosphere.
Admission: Presale € 10.00 (€ 12.00 the night of the concert)
Appointments: Romane Church of Villers-la-Ville, at 20:30
Rue de Sart, 20; 1495 VILLERS- THE CITY
Information and reservations:Syndicat d’Initiative de Villers-la-Ville ; rue de l’Abbaye, 53 ; 1495 Villers-la-Ville
Tel : 071/87 98 98 ; E-mail :

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