Illustration of the Village of Villers-la-Ville

Village Villers-la-Ville

General: 555ha hilly and wooded, Crossed by the Thyle, it is also dotted with ponds Video presentation of the village Villers-la-Ville: History: Its history is linked to that of the Abbey, erected in 1146 (the works will take 70 years) and active until the French Revolution of 1789. Evolution of the population of Villers-la-Ville: 1801: […]

Illustration of the town of Tilly

Village Tilly

662ha, the Abbey of Villers there were already some properties
Lordship of T’Serclaes for 3 centuries

Illustration Village Sart-Dames-Avelines

Village Sart-Dames-Avelines

On both sides of the floor of Namur; 1151 ha
Evoque cleared land, essarté by Lady Aveline
Part-owned Houtain-le-val in the Middle Ages
-Part belonged to the abbey Afflighem
-Another at the Abbey of Villers

Illustration of the video Mellery

Village Mellery

General: Formerly HEIS-Melenrieu-Emelenriu (1197) – Meleries (1274)-Mellingrou (1403)-Meliorreu (1492)-Mellery (1787) Video presentation of the village Mellery: History: formerly known for its sand mining subsoil; Few lines of communication, the first concrete roads in 1955, abrogation of the railway in 1984 Marked by the pollution caused by waste deposited in the old holes related to local […]

Illustration village Marbais

Village Marbais

General: The name evokes a pond or swamp or limits (on). Video presentation of the village Marbais: History : Originally , Adon , Count Marbais from ancient princes of Lorraine and Austrasia and freehold ( inheritance inherited property ) until the 12th century . Marbais = enclave of Namur in the Duchy of Brabant) Until […]